Empower Your Farming Business
With Sustainable Agronomic Solutions

Monetize your farm data and join the decarbonizing movement. Our platform connects farmers and enterprises to create a greener future.

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From Data to Decarbonization
3 Steps to New Business Opportunities

1Share Field Data

Use the Power of Your Data

Collect and organize field data efficiently to uncover hidden opportunities and boost profitability.

2Check Agronomic Insights

Unlock Actionable Intelligence

Analyze data with cutting-edge tools to extract agronomic insights, guiding your decision-making process.

3Gain Extra Revenue

Turn Insights into Revenue

Implement data-driven sustainable agriculture strategies to optimize operations and increase your revenue.

• Share data • Check insights • Make money
• Share data • Check insights • Make money

Let The Best Advisers Guide You

Get customized agronomic, financial and sustainability insights for any of your fields.Interact with advisors in a convenient way with our intuitive interface.

We are proudly part of Cool Farm Alliance

Working together to develop and promote a harmonized set of metrics for agricultural sustainability

Our Technology Covers Over 150 Mln Ha

Experience the future of sustainable farming with our cutting-edge tech, deployed on 30 countries,millions of hectares and thousands of fields.


Make Data Work For You Up To 100€ Per Ha

Discover the groundbreaking opportunity to generate additional income by monetising your farm data and getup to 100€ per hectare! Join the revolution and turn data into dollars today!


You Control And We Secure Your Data

Non-personalized data. You decide what data with whom to share. Be the master of your data.

Transform Your Data into a Goldmine

Collect and organize data efficiently to uncover hidden opportunities and boost profitability.