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At GreenoSoil, we believe that together we can bring back the balance of carbon in the atmosphere by helping companies and farmers to reduce and offset carbon emissions.

GreenoSoil is a Climate Agtech company

GreenoSoil is developing a unique digital platform in the carbon market (“GreenO”) to integrate the sector's leading players: farmers, enterprises, and advisors.

We encourage enterprises that use agricultural raw materials (crops) in their supply chains, such as food and apparel companies to participate in the global decarbonization movement. To succeed, companies need innovative, efficient, and reliable decarbonization technologies.

Therefore, we promote sustainable agriculture to improve soil health, water and air quality, enhance ecosystem biodiversity, produce nutrient-dense food, and store carbon. Regenerative agriculture enhances crops’ climate resilience thus improving the financial security of the farming community.

For Business

For Business

Our solutions align with any decarbonization strategy associated with Scope 1,2 or 3 emissions

For Farmers

For Farmers

We support your transition to sustainable farming. Regenerative practices can increase soil organic carbon and improve farmlands.

For Advisors

For Advisors

GreenO platform is providing high-quality region-specific expertise from specialized advisors and consultants

AgTech professionals

GreenoSoil is made up of highly talented AgTech professionals

We have a wide expertise in remote sensing, GIS, data science, agronomy, precision agriculture, IT, and business development.

Our team has been the one that created the biggest independent digital agronomic platform in the CIS and Eastern Europe region that enrolled thousands of farmers on almost 10 mln. Ha of arable land in about 10 different countries.

The ecosystem integrates agribusiness and farmers, leading seeds & pesticides producers and distributors, consultants and advisors, grain traders, banks, and insurance companies. Our innovative Farm Management, Inputs Marketplace, and Fintech solutions have been widely implemented by the main market players in the region.

We provide the solution

Our solutions align with any decarbonization strategy associated with Scope 1, 2 or 3 emissions

Our enterprise clients are companies that use various crops (as raw materials) in their value chains, such as food and fashion companies that want to participate in the global decarbonization movement.

Our agriculture-focused carbon emission reduction and carbon sequestration technologies help cross-integrate companies, farmers, and advisors to cooperatively address the most pressing climate issue.

Our solutions align with any carbon footprint optimization goal, either related to insetting or offsetting decarbonization strategies associated with Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions.

Using GreenO, you, as an entreprise can

Identify and rank farmers

Identify and rank farmers

Identify and rank the potential farmers with whom to cooperate in specific geography either to source carbon credits or promote and reward the implementation of sustainability and regenerative practices, depending on their decarbonization strategy

Identify carbon-neutral production

Identify carbon-neutral production

Identify potential farmers who have already implemented sustainability and regenerative practices and from whom you can source carbon-neutral crops for your further processing needs

Carbon footprint & sequestration potential

Carbon footprint & sequestration potential

Determine the baseline carbon footprint and the carbon sequestration potential of a field or a group of fields (in the agricultural supply chain) based on remote sense technology data

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GreenO Platform

You can join GreenO today and try our digital platform, accessing exclusive agricultural data.

  • If you are managing an agribusiness, sign up and share your crop fields to use our indexes and obtain accurate data.
  • If you are representing any business type or you are an advisor, try the demo of our digital platform to use our indexes and obtain accurate data.

GreenO Technology

Operational & Retrospective monitoring

Our state-of-art technologies have been verified and validated on over 10 million Ha of land on thousands of agricultural fields and farms. We have experience creating tools for operational crop analyses on a separate field or a group of fields. Our retrospective and spatial analysis technologies can be used on large regions and whole countries.